NūLoop Partners sets annual project goals and supports development projects in the greater North Loop Area. Our work includes future envisioning, improving connections and offsetting barriers, public realm improvements, transit-oriented development, and urban livability.

Transit Oriented Development

This presentation outlines key principles and best practices for transit oriented development. The continued growth of the Greater North Loop area is inextricably linked to transit oriented development. And, thus the primacy of this brief and principles presentation by Lucy Galbraith, Transit Oriented Development for Metro Transit.

Royalston Station-Farmer’s Market Station

This document memorializes the discussions from the June 2019 workshop, and analyzes and evaluates prior plan guidance. The document is to be used as guidance for future planning and implementation around the station area.  The memo identifies the outstanding needs: 1) investments in capital improvements in the built environment, 2) building consensus and conducting community building efforts, and 3) encouraging economic development strategies for the area.

ABC Ramp Re-Envisioning

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) invited a ULI MN Technical Assistance Panel to evaluate how to move forward in the management and development of the downtown Minneapolis ABC Ramps to create a thriving mobility hub in the heart of the city, improve pedestrian and other commuter connections, revitalize unused and underutilized spaces, and add new uses within the Ramps. This is the panel’s final report.

Hennepin Energy Recovery Center Presentation

A high-level overview of the functionality of the HERC and its role in reducing waste in Hennepin County.

Swervo Development Presentation

An overview of all Swervo Development Corporation projects near the greater North Loop area.

Market District Visioning Process

An introduction to the Farmer’s Market District area that discusses some of the opportunities and challenges before us.

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